The Bukhansan National Park


It should be noted that Bukhansan National Park is located in northern Seoul a site that is very accessible by means of public transportation, it is mountainous oasis found in the bustling metropolis. Bukhansan National Park hosts the three 2,000 feet tall towering granite peaks, approximately 100 historic Buddhist temples and miles of hiking trails. Some of the historical features in the park include; the Bukhansanseong Fortress (build in 1711) known mostly as Joseon stronghold. In addition, is a 5-mile mountain wall that runs all along the park's rocky terrain is a thing that each and every visitor doesn’t miss to admire.

Among the best way to get to the Bukhansan National Park when not driving is to take the subway to Gireum Station and later riding either the 143 or 110B bus to take you to end of the line. This is a park that remains open all year-round from sunrise to sunset. However, in order to protect the park's animal and plant life, some trails are closed to the public but on a rotating basis.

Best things to do in Bukhansan National Park

The park lies in the city of over 10 million people and several Seoul’s top attractions involve evading the crowds and totally reconvening with nature. There are peaceful garden in the city which includes; the mountains temples and Changdeok place among others. The city also is willingly obliged to the dive headfirst into the Korean culture and an opportunity to party with Kids in Hongdae among other things to do.

The Best Hotels around the park

Some of the top-rated luxurious hotels around this park are sorted mainly by hotel class and user rating and hence among the best hotel include; the Lotte Hotel, JW Marriott and Oakwood Coex center among others.

When to visit

The best times of the year to visit Bukhansan National Park are from March to May and also September to November, this is the time when the weather is mild and the travel expenses and charges are low. However, If you are powder hound the you'll need to visit between the month of December and February, when standard daytime temperatures remains at the freezing mark, ample opportunities to sled, It's good to try and avoid the summer months due to uncomfortable humidity.

The War Memorial of Korea-A Must Visit While in South Korea

The War Memorial of Korea is arguably the best place to learn about the relationships that South Korea has had with its neighbors over the years .You can also learn about the history of the invasions in South Korea by its enemies most notably North Korea. Located in Yongsan-gu in Seoul, South Korea, the memorial was previously a military inventory. The war memorial was opened in 1994 to memorialize and educate both locals and foreigners on Korea’s military history. Additionally, the memorial was established to symbolize the need for a peaceful re-unification of Korea.

The memorial building features 6 (indoor) exhibition rooms and 1 outdoor exhibition center set up for displaying memorial statues as well as thousands of war memorabilia. In addition to this, the memorial also features a screening room and a combat experience hall for recreating the 1950-1953 Korean War experience. Also, the museum serves an educative purpose to future generations through the collection, preservation and exhibition of different historical relics to the invasions in the country from South Korea’s perspective and point of view of the invasions.

In the right and left galleries of The War Memorial of Korea , there are marble monuments that bear the names of the soldiers and victims who lost their lives in the Vietnam war, Korean war and North Korean clashes . The monuments also feature the names of policemen who lost their lives while on duty. There is an artificial waterfall in the plaza in the memorial with rest areas for tourists to picnic while visiting the museum. The Statue of Brothers (of an elder South Korean soldier and a younger North Korean soldier) stands in the middle of the plaza symbolizing Korea’s division.

There are over 13,000 war memorabilia and weapons used by South Korea against its enemies in the Vietnam war, North Korea clashes and the Korean war. Defense equipments in the memorial (made using Korean technology) include gas masks and aircrafts among other equipments. The War Memorial of Korea is definitely one of the greatest places to visit while in South Korea.